Saturday, 25 August 2007

Bangor By The Sea

As you will have noticed no post for yesterday. I was working all day then out with mates for a few pints of lunatic soup. (great night had by all) So today I had points to make up so I took my spouse to Bangor (If you live there it's pronounced Bang-Gore) When we approached Bangor we saw signs about parades being held in the town so we deiced to just head around the ring road. Had a stop at the Bloomfield Centre. While in the card shop my spouse over heard a lady tell her young co-worker that they expected 60,000 people to visit the centre on the day because of the parade (60,000 people ???) and was instructing her on the art of detecting fake £20 notes, as there will be lots of people from Belfast down. (Do the seasiders really think so little of us)
Whats the old saying "The people in Belfast live above their shops, but the people in Bangor live above their means"

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