Monday, 20 August 2007

It's Only Water

I like a good husband took her indoors to what I thought was only going to be a quick shop .... did I get it wrong, there is no such thing as a quick shop. After a few days away it was like old mother Hubbard's cupboard in our house so off to Tescos for some vittles (Turned out a full shop, date checking included). While walking around the superstore looking for what was super about it, my heart sank when I heard an announcement over the in store PA "Would the owner of car reg number xxxxxx please go to the information desk" It was my car. I moved swiftly to the desk (OK, walked) to be told than some kind of fluid was leaking from what could be my petrol tank. I immediately twigged on it was water dripping through a drain hole in the spare wheel well. I have a leak that I haven't found yet and the water ends up in the spare wheel well. As the car was sitting for a few days and it lashed down everyday, water was running out the drain hole. As I was walking to the car I noticed quite a few people had gathered around the rear of the car. I assured them it was only water and thanked them for their concern.(If it had been petrol it was rather smart to gather around the vehicle) But amongst the group was the ultimate knowledge brother, he was not satisfied with my explanation, so I had to open the hatchback and show him the spare wheel well.
I was glad to see the carp were unable to escape! ... I'll get it fixed I promise.

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