Thursday, 23 August 2007

Bus? What Bus

How many times have you heard the powers to be encouraging us to use public transport. I'm a great believer in, when public transport picks me up at the door of my house or work, at the moment I require it and take me to where I wish to go and wait, then and only then will I get rid of my car. My wife took the car today so I was forced to get a bus home. I went to Wellington Place to get the 5:25 home. I arrived at the stop 5 minutes early. At 5:40 still no bus going my way despite two 11b's one after the other. I spotted one of the helpful inspectors and asked him if there was any sign of the 5:25. This was his reply "It's running at least 20 minutes late, you will more than likely catch the 5:45 before the 5:25" Then he walked away. I just wonder if we had other bus companies competing for passengers in the city would they be so quick to dismiss the fact that a bus has not arrived on time and left people standing. Whats the point of two buses arriving at once... Oh by the way this bus was parked 10 feet from the stop. Good old Translink!

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Glenn said...

Don't get me started on Translink! I get the train regularly and I get annoyed when its delayed...and its delayed often. When its late we get the same over used apology "...on behalf of Translink we would like to apologise for this delay..". I think Translink should be giving passengers a full refund when the train (or bus) is running late and also providing additional compensation for the inconvience caused. I know that if i'm not on time to get the train, the train doesn't wait for me - i'm expected to be there on time or deal with the consequences. Translink should also be expected to deal with the consequences and provide compensation. If this happened a time or two I have a delays would be reduced.

The only thing that annoys me more than the train being late is the train going early...!