Thursday, 2 August 2007


Still on the theme of Tourism I got wondering, why do people come into the city when we have such beautiful countryside that can be explored, our countryside is second to none (I bet it's the women who want to go shopping) anyway , then they jump onto an open top bus to do the city tour. The bus leaves from the city centre, up the heal and ankle and down the bat and balls.
I was on a bus the other evening going up the heal and ankle and I have to say I felt embarrassed for my city, tourists having to look at bonfire remains. Surely in the future arrangements need to be made for volunteers to do a clean up operation immediately after the event, after all there are so many volunteers willing to help when it comes to collecting and building the bonfires. Then its across city to see where the famous Titanic was built. This one is the mystery to me. Frankly, I really don't get the point in promoting the fact that we built a ship which never completed it's maiden voyage, due to an accident which resulted in it sinking with such a tragic loss of life.
Off then to Stormont which I think would make a great golf and country club. (I heard the only bunker is under the building) Tourists to the building are shown around by club members. (Sorry MLA's) The entrance to the building has been improved by the removal of a big stone which had been blocking the revolving doors. Back onto the bus for the return journey to the city and perhaps an enjoyable pint in one of our many fine establishments that our city has to offer, Cheers.

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