Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hedge Cutting @ Last

Yet again more heavy rain. I was glad I listened (and took heed) to the weather forecast. Before I was forced to go shopping yesterday I was able to get the rear garden hedge cut. It has been waiting for cutting for ages. With all the bad weather we have had I've not been able to get set up and and the hedge cut. I like to keep the hedge under control, by this time last year I was into my fifth cut of the hedge, this one was only the second, so as you can see by the photo it has just grown wild. I purchased a platform ladder which I have to say makes life an awful lot easier when cutting the hedge. My brown recycle bin is now full to capacity and ready for the bin men on Monday.
I know a newly wed couple who decided to go camping with their friends to a country park near Armagh for the weekend. I had advised them of the weather ahead, but hey, what would I know. Unfortunately they had to cut their camping trip short and return home earlier this morning. (Honest, I didn't laugh, well not too hard that is)

"Wonder would them have stayed if they'd taken their wetsuits with them, perhaps they did".

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