Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tourist Day

Checked out of the hotel and headed down to Cardiff Bay. Great area to spend a few hours. Went to the loads of spots and caught the bus into the city centre (Return ticket £1.50, paid by Michel. Thanks) Headed to CWL (Cardiff International Airport) for the return flight to the BHD (George Best City Airport). While waiting on our flight a flight for Palma was checking in. The ignorance of people is unbelievable at times. The queue for the Palma flight kept blocking the public walk way within the terminal. So people catching other flights had to make a detour to get past. An airline official made a gap for people to use but as soon as she left back to square one. So me being me got my case and used the walk way, when i got to the blockade I asked people in a polite manor to make a gap as this was my traditional route, (no one got the joke) .... but they did of course move.
Meanwhile at BHD, for security reasons taxis (Minicabs) have to pick up their fares in the short stay car park, where as the Black Hacks (Airport taxis) can pick up at the arrivals door, the Bulkies (Harbour Police) are on hand to enforce this ruling!. (One rule for one, as the saying goes).

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bubblesqueaker said...

This really irritates me!! People blocking public walkways or standing having a conversation in the middle of an aisle (particularly whilst shopping). I also ask them to kindly move their a$$Es outta the road.