Wednesday, 29 August 2007

It's The Start

For some, this morning was first day back to school after the too long summer break. It was obvious by the amount of traffic on the road that brat taxis have resurfaced for the incoming term. Wasn't long until I met the first, which I'm sure is the start of many meetings with the yellow box blocking people. I just cant get it, why can they not see the YELLOW BOX. This prat was blocking everyone who wanted to turn right from each direction. I suppose I wouldn't get the photos if guys like this didn't block me.


Pluto said...

Probably had to stop there cos he couldnt turn left himself cos of the big guy in the middle of the road taking photos :D:D:D:D

Grumpyhead said...

Thats true, he may have thought a new roundabout had been put there. But then again if he can't see YELLOW PAINT! and another car already blocking his exit how the frair tuck do you expect him to see me.