Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Helpful Assistant

It was nice to get real service for a change. I checked out online a camcorder I was interested in buying. So after work I headed down to Currys at Newtownabbey for a look and the intention to buy if it does what it says on the tin. (You know what I mean). Buy online and save money is name of the game. I often buy things online but I prefer having a look at the items first. After checking out the camcorder I decided to go for the purchase, this is where things went down hill for a while. I had asked for the online price. If I buy it online from the same company I would save a further £31:01 and free delivery. Online I can also go for store pickup for the same price without any money changing hands. On negotiation with the assistant he was able to go online and place and order on my behalf. (The negotiation was a case of do it or I'm outta here) and thankfully he did.
I cant understand why they just cant offer the same price online or in store?

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