Monday, 27 August 2007

Bank Holiday Monday

Decided to go out for a drive in the car, so we headed to Newcastle. On the way over the M3 I spotted yet another cruise ship so I drove down past the new under construction Titanic Quarter to get a few photos. The Crystal Symphony looked so majestic berthed in Belfast with the Cavehill in the distance. Anyway, back to the run to Newcastle. On heading for the Ravenhill Road as I approached the junction at Short Strand this idiot in a Audi (Red with start reg CKZ, I know the rest) came racing round the roundabout tyres screeching passed me (in my experience he was doing at least 60) but caught up with him at the next set of traffic lights as he was waiting at the red light (he he). Lights changed and off he went and as he tried to undertake a car in the outside lane another car in the inside lane indicated left and slowed his lane right down, by this time I was in the outside lane and as I went past him I gave him a smile. He then tried to cut me up as I started to change lane back to the inside lane, but I'm too old a cat to be scratched by a kitten so he had to withdraw and overtake me the legal way. The lights near Forestside stopped him again and I was two cars behind. He took off like a space shuttle. I lost sight of him on the Saintfield Road weaving in and out of lanes, recon he must have had an appointed at Purdysburn, He needed someone to see why he was driving like something was wrong with his head. There wasn't too much traffic on the road but the odd load of hay slowed things down. I was thinking as I approached Newcastle (Kingdom of Mourne) a tourist slogan "See Newcastle and Mourne" ..... maybe not.

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