Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Biggest Blow (Show) In The Country

While listening to The Biggest Blow (Show) In The Country this morning, a story caught my ears. This guy who had parked his brand new Aston Martin car outside the Holiday Inn in Ormeau Avenue. The well loved NCP traffic officers noticed no tax displayed on the motor so they called in the car lifter. I wonder if The Biggest Blow Show In The Country would have been interested if the car had been a 5 year old banger. The driver of the AM (Who was in the gym when someone told him his car was being lifted) rushed out to confront the officers and put a defence of "I've trade plates in the boot". (I think that's a clear sign that the traffic officers should be issued with x-ray classes). He also said that he was waiting on his personal number plates coming from the mainland.
Bottom line: There are set down regulations in how trade plates can be used, I'm sure going to the gym is not one of them....."Sorry officer my tax disc is in the boot" ... I could just see me trying to use that one.
Anyway if the AM driver is fit enough to go to the gym, he should be fit enough to walk home.... Just pay yer fine mate and stop gurnin.

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Glenn said...

I wonder if the NCP officers would have been as keen on lifting the car if it was anything other than an Aston Martin? I have a feeling not...