Thursday, 30 August 2007

We've All Done It

Admit it, we've all done it. You approach road works, all the hard working road maintenance workers have knocked off for the day and unfortunately forgotten to leave out the "Caution new road layout sign".
On the way home as I approached traffic lights where I have to say road works have been in place for ages. I saw a car sitting in the right hand lane waiting to turn right. Nothing wrong with that you may think. Well, it's two lanes and two way traffic. (It's easy done).
I stopped well back and blew the horn to try and communicate to the driver that he was in the wrong lane, my attempt didn't work, but think he worked it out for himself when this moron turned left off the main drag and stopped about a foot off his bumper. So the said car started to reverse and the said moron started to follow, until I blew the horn again and beckoned to the both drivers that I was willing to wait where I was so the car could pull in front of me. Both drivers waved their gratitude and the Lexus driver maneuvered to the front of me. Look where he went to, In his defence I have to say, when the road works are finished there will be 4 lanes, but not just yet. I know I said we've all done it, but how many of us have done it twice in as many minutes??? Not me for sure.... well, not yet anyway!

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