Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Electronic Stuff on a Plane

Sunday evening as I got comfortable in my 8A seat on our De-Havilland Dash 8 (I had asked for a window seat only to discover this one was between two windows, so I had to lean forward or back to see out) I thought as it was a lovely evening to fly out of CWL to BHD it would be nice to take a short video of the take off. I asked our friendly flight attendant Joe would it be OK to use my digital camera to capture the take off. No came the reply ..... not until the seat belt signs have been switched off. To be honest there is not much point in capturing sky. I asked a colleague today who not only has a vast knowledge of flying but is in fact a pilot. he informed me with regards to electronic equipment that has no signal radiating (Apparently even then it doesn't mater) from it, there is really no reason why it cant be used. So why can I use it once airborne with the seat belt signs off and not any other times?
Found this one on YouTube.

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bubblesqueaker said...

Indeed - I suppose they would try to put it down to safety during take off. Lets face it, if you are going down then it's a bit late to worry about a camera.