Saturday, 4 August 2007

Hungarian Grand Prix

If you're a fan of formula 1 and miss the televised Hungarian Grand Prix, may I suggest a visit to Tesco's in Newtownabbey to feed your racing crave. From the minute the trolley is collected it's like taking part in a race. No practice laps though, it's the checkered flag as you go through the doors. You can see the determination on the other drivers faces the second you're spotted. They do everything in their power to stop you passing. Weaving two and fro, turning sideways and stopping without warning, slowing down to talk to someone, completely blocking your way. I do believe there should be isle marshals to install a bit of lane discipline. So many different types of drivers, too many to mention all. The blue rinse brigade have their fare share, the yummy mummy's would come a close second (with their kids running around the isles to distract the rest) There's those drivers who cant keep moving because they have to check the date on every single item en route, and what about the single guy driver, he collects items as he starts the race and you can she him putting them back as he changes his mind in other isles. The store attendants also participate by building chicanes using whatever caged trolleys they can find. The last lot of yards are the most dangerous, heading for the checkout always ends in a sprint. It really is a circuit any F1 driver would be proud of.

Quote of the day "I'll take these eggs, we can make omelette's with them" ....

Really ?

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